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This website serves as an easy-to-access portal to resource guides and workshop modules that are made by and for activist groups across Europe in topics like consensus and facilitation, strategy, anti-oppression and direct action. There is an amazing amount of knowledge and skills in activist networks around the world.

This website hopes to support skill-sharing processes among groups and hopes to make these as accessible as possible for groups that are often not connected to these networks. Thereby there are resources and modules in diverse languages and from diverse contexts.

On this website you will find:

  • Resource guides: a collection of texts that explains a certain topical concept and hands easy-to-use tools to put this concept in practice in our groups
  • Workshop modules: an example of a ready made workshop programme in a certain topic with tips for the facilitator
  • In order to be accessible to diverse regions and linguistical zones, this portal includes materials in languages such as Polish, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, German, Spanish, French and hopes for more future translations to further encourage exchange of skills.

    All the content of this website is anti-copyright. Feel free to copy, adapt and distribute it, as long as the final work remains anti-copyright.

    Let us know if you have additional material to this website as this content will be a continuous work in progress